Effective data displays

(Choice of displays)

What is it?

Effective data display is a techneque designed to help you to choose the most appropriate display method for your data.

When to use it

When deciding wich method of display for your data is required.

What does it achieve?

The technique defines which type of relationship each form of display will highlight. Selection of the correct method will promote the required interpretation of your data.


Most forms of dispaly highlight some kind of relationship. The key to the correct choice of display is, therefor, to identify the relationship you consider most important.

Bar Charts

Compare severalmdiscreet items with each other.


Show the frequency distribution over a range of values, for some variable.

Pie charts

Display proportions in relation tom the whole item.

Scatter diagrams

Indicate whether two items appear related to each other

Line graphs

Are used to show how values vary in relation to time


Are a little different from other charts and graphs, as they are not used to display data. The flowchart breaks down a process into individual steps, showing them in a logical sequence.