Contingency Plans

What is it?

A contingency plan is an outline of what, who, when, and how which need to be addressed to ensure that any potential barriers to the implementation of a project are handled in a pro-active manner.

When to use it

The preparation of a contingency plan should be undertaken prior to the implementation of an action plan or project.

What does it achieve?

Preparation of a contingency plan permits you to identify 'what could go wrong' and for you to list the necessary steps you may need to take to ensure that the implementation of your action plan or project goes as smoothly as possible, ie. identifying the risks and the process by which you can minimise each one.

By communicating the plan, everyone involved will know what is required of them, and when.

Key steps

  • Define desired outcome
  • Identify all possible impediments to achieving this outcome
  • Consider probability of impediments occurring
  • Produce preventative action plan

Typical Contingency Plan summary