Consensus reaching

What is it?

Consensus reaching is a technique which through a structured approach, helps a group of people to arrive at an agreed decision.

When to use it

  • A group of people need to make an agreed decision
  • Each member of the group needs to be committed to that decision
  • Selecting a solution to be implemented

What does it achieve?

Consensus Reaching enables every member in a group to actively contribute to a decision. During the process each member is given the opportunity to make known their views to the group. By the time consensus has been reached, every member of the group will have a clear understanding of each other's point of view. As a result, the selected viewpoint will achieve a high degree of acceptance and commitment by each member.

Key steps

  • List ideas and suggestions
  • Record and display ideas/suggestions
  • Check understanding
  • Vote on ideas/suggestions
  • Reach a consensus