Force field analysis

What is it?

Force field analysis is a technique for identifying the forces that help or obstruct a change you want to make.

When to use it

  • Identifying the forces which assist or prevent you achieving a change
  • Assessing the ease or difficulty in achieving a change
  • Planning to overcome barriers to change

What does it achieve?

Given situations, which you need to change or improve, force filed analysis enables you, or a group of people, to achieve that change. By assessing the forces, which prevent you making a change, or improvement, you are able to develop a plan to deal with those forces. There will be forces, which help you as well as those which hinder you.

Once the positive and negative forces acting on a situation have been identified you will be able to assess the ease or difficulty when implementing a change.

Key steps

  • Define the problem
  • Define the objective
  • Prepare the force field diagram
  • Identify the + and forces
  • Rate forces for ease of change and impact
  • Analyse and evaluate