Process analysis

What is it?

Process analysis is a technique which can enable you to produce a fully detailed picture of a process with all the steps clearly identified. You will be able to go on to review each step in the process, identify problems and opportunities, and to pursue these through a systematic approach. The review will also highlight opportunities for you to increase the effective control of the process

When to use it

  • Identifying problem areas within a process
  • Identifying improvements to a process,
  • Testing alternatives to a solution
  • Improving management control of a process

What does it achieve?

Process analysis uses the power of the team to produce a detailed analysis of a process. This can be used subsequently to highlight problem areas and identify improvement opportunities.

The technique, once completed, will result in a more efficient process which is fully documented leading to more effective control by management.

Key steps

  • Select the process
  • Select the team
  • Outline flowchart
  • Detailed flowcharts
  • Task information sheets
  • Analysis
  • Action plan and test
  • Implementation
  • Review