Potential problem analysis

What is it?

Potential problem analysis (PPA) is a technique which can help you anticipate problems before they happen and to identify the actions needed to be taken to prevent them from happening, or to minimise the effect.

When to use it

  • Completing a plan for implementing a decision or improvement
  • Monitoring a plan which is in progress
  • Reacting to possible internal or external changes that could affect the company

What does it achieve?

PPA will help you identify what could go wrong and prevent the successful implementation of a decision or plan. It enables you to identify potential problems and their likely causes, and hence determine what actions are required to prevent the problem occurring, or at least minimise their effect if they do occur. This will install confidence into everybody concerned that they have done as much as possible to successfully implement the plan

Key steps

  • Identify potential problems
  • Determine likely causes
  • Decide on preventative actions
  • Decide on contingency actions
  • Modify action plan