Solution Effect Analysis

What is it?

Solution Effect Analysis is a technique for identifying the likely effects of a proposed solution to a project/problem. A solution effect diagram is a visually effective way of recording the possible effects as they are suggested.

When to use it

  • Implementation actions
  • Considering the effects of a particular solution
  • Comparing alternative solutions

What does it achieve?

A problem may have one or more possible solutions and, to help select the best solution, it is necessary to evaluate the implications of all of them. This can be achieved by using a solution effect diagram to identify major and minor effects.

More specifically, solution effect diagrams can be used to:

  • Assist both individuals and groups to generate ideas
  • serve as a recording device for ideas generated
  • Reveal undetected relationships

Key steps

  • Define the solution
  • Draw a fishbone diagram
  • Identify major effects
  • Brainstorm for possible effects
  • Incubate the ideas
  • Analyse and evaluate

Solution effect diagram