Team leader objectives

Summary of key team leader responsibilities

The following list is generic and as such does not reflect a particular companies agreed team leader responsibilities.
  • Identify the different individual team members needs for both direction and support
  • Assist the team as a whole in achieving its task(s) and in operating together as as an effective team
  • Represent the team to and communicate with the relevant levels of management
  • Encourage full participation
  • Foster a positive team spirit
  • Ensure that the team makes clear and consensus decisions
  • Lead any presentations to management
  • Take ultimate responsibility for team decisions, progress, and results
  • Call meetings
  • Set the schedule for meetings
  • Keep meetings on time
  • Keep team progress on track
  • Keep discussion on the topic
"When the best leader's work is done, the people say, 'we did it ourselves'". (Loa Tzu)