Resizing an image


To resize an image all you will need an email appliation on your PC, only having webmail will not work.

If you are not sure, just give it a try.

What to do:

When you load an image onto your PC from a camera, it is usually too large to load up onto the internet, for example, the following file is over 5Meg:

This example shows an image of 4288 x 2848 pixels, when you really want the image to be no larger that what is displayed on the web page, for example, 800 x 600.

A trick to reduce the size of the image is to use an email application resize option, such as the one available in Microsoft Outlook. To reduce the size of an image(s), select the image(s), then right click on an image and then select Send To - Mail Recepient:

This will open a dialog asking for you to confirm the size of the image(s) to be sent:

Select the required sixe from the drop down menu, and then select Attach.

The image(s) will then be attached to a blank email:

Select the image(s) and then drag and drop them to either replace the original image(s), or should you wish to retain the original image(s), into a new folder:

You should now find that the image(s) is resized ready to upload to the internet.

Now delete the email and repeat the process as required.

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